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University Preparatory School (U-Prep) is a public charter school of the Shasta Union High School District in Redding, California.
A charter school is an independent public school that operates independently of the district board of education. In effect, a charter school is a one-school public school district. A group of people — educators, parents, community leaders, educational entrepreneurs or others — write the charter plan describing the school's guiding principles, governance structure, and applicable accountability measures. If the state approves the charter, the state funds the charter on a per pupil basis. In most cases charter schools operate under a clear agreement between the state and the school: increased autonomy in exchange for increased accountability. Because they are schools of choice, they are held to the highest level of accountability — consumer demand.

Charter schools operate from three basic principles:

Accountability: Charter schools are held accountable for how well they educate children in a safe and responsible environment, not for compliance with district and state regulations. They are judged on how well they meet the student achievement goals established by their charter, and how well they manage the fiscal and operational responsibilities entrusted to them. Charter schools must operate lawfully and responsibly, with the highest regard for equity and excellence. If they fail to deliver, they are closed.

Choice: On one hand, parents, teachers, community groups, organizations, or individuals interested in creating additional educational opportunities for children can start charter schools. Local and state school boards, colleges and universities, and other community agencies can sponsor them. On the other hand, students choose to attend, and teachers choose to teach at charter schools.

Autonomy: Charter schools are freed from the traditional bureaucracy and regulations that some feel divert a school's energy and resources toward compliance rather than excellence. Instead of jumping through procedural hoops and over paperwork hurdles, charter school educators can focus on setting and reaching high academic standards for their students.

By law, charter schools must have a fair and open admission process, conducting outreach and recruitment to all segments of the community they serve. They are public schools and therefore cannot "choose" which students attend. Like other public schools, charter schools are nonsectarian and nondiscriminatory in admission and employment practices. Charter school students are admitted on a first-come, first served basis, or by lottery when applicants exceed available slots.
No. As a public school, U-Prep is free of tuition.
All students entering grades 6-12, who currently reside in Shasta and its adjacent counties will be given the opportunity to apply for enrollment regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, social or economic status, or special needs.
All new students wishing to attend U-Prep must fill out an application and submit it during the first enrollment period from the first school day in December to the last school day in January or during the second enrollment period from the first school day in February until the last school day in February. Students who apply during the enrollment periods will be placed in the lottery if requests for admission exceed available spaces. For a complete introduction to the admission process and policy, please visit U-Prep's Admissions page.
No. U-Prep is a public school, open to any student who resides in Shasta and its adjacent counties. We do not give priority to students based on grades or other talents/skills.
If University Preparatory School is over-subscribed at the end of the first enrollment period, then all of those applications, received during the first enrollment period, will go into the first lottery to be given a place or assigned a number on the waiting list. If University Preparatory School is over-subscribed at the end of the second enrollment period then all applications go into the lottery, with all of the applications from the first enrollment period (beginning in December and ending in January) being drawn first and then all of the applicants from the second enrollment period (February) being drawn second.

The public lottery for an over-subscribed first and/or second enrollment period will be held in March. Applicants are invited to attend but it is not mandatory.

As permitted by state and federal charter law, the Charter School has adopted and maintained policies granting admission preference in the following order:

  1. Currently enrolled students who wish to return
  2. Siblings of students admitted to or attending the Charter School
  3. Children of the University Preparatory School employees
  4. Residents of Shasta Union High School District
  5. Students who were in either the first or second lottery the previous year, and remained on the waiting list all year
All students will be notified of their acceptance or position on the waiting list within two weeks of the lottery.
Once a student has been accepted, he or she has to complete the following steps to be enrolled. Registration forms and course requests must be completed and returned by the date specified in the acceptance letter. Most students are contacted to schedule an appointment for math placement testing. The information provided on the application form will be verified when the student’s records from his or her previous school are received. After these steps have been completed, the student will be enrolled in classes at U-Prep.

There are several ways to become familiar with the school including tours, and shadowing opportunities. Some 6th graders are invited to a math review camp in August; all 6th graders have a testing day and a social in the spring. Ninth graders will be invited to Link Crew activities in August. All students attend the Arena Day in August to pick up their class schedules, sign up for activities, and purchase items such as PE clothes, yearbooks, and student body cards. School pictures are also taken on Arena Day. Information about the activities for your student will be sent to you.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school website and download U-Prep App for the most recent events, sports, tryouts, and auditions. We encourage families who have a student entering U-Prep in August to attend school events prior to starting school.

We do not notify parents each time a student moves; however, you may call to get an update on your student’s position on the list.
The waiting list can change quickly or slowly depending on a number of variables. There is no way to predict how fast the list will change or when your student may move into the first position.
Throughout the school year, when an opening becomes available, the next student on the waiting list for the appropriate grade will be notified of his or her status and given two days to respond with the intent to fill the slot. After that time, a student who does not respond will be moved to the bottom of the list and the next student will be notified. No student, currently enrolled in a local school, will be admitted to the school after the fourth quarter has begun.
No. As a public school, U-Prep does not charge tuition, require uniforms or collect fees. Students may purchase PE shorts and shirts or wear their own dark blue shorts and gray shirts. Students must wear appropriate (athletic) shoes to be able to participate safely in physical activity.
U-Prep offers all major sports that are played in the local area at both the junior high and high school level. At the junior high level, grades six through eight, we offer baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, flag football, soccer, softball, track & field, and volleyball. The high school offers those same sports, substituting tackle football for flag, and adding golf, ski/snowboard, swimming, tennis and wrestling. For more information, please visit U-Prep Athletics page.
No, parents are not required to volunteer time. However, as parent volunteers are the foundation of our athletic and extracurricular programs as well as school fundraising efforts, we hope you will choose to participate if you have a child enrolled at the school. U-Prep would not exist without the generosity of our parent community; information about how to volunteer is available in the Main Office. Parent organizations such as the U-Prep Educational Foundation, Athletic Boosters, Music Boosters, Musical Foundation, and the Sober Graduation Committee need your assistance. Our many campus clubs also offer opportunities for parent involvement, and parents are always welcome to assist office staff with events such as Arena Day. If you qualify to become an approved driver, taking athletes to competitions is another way to volunteer. Finally, volunteering is a great way to meet other families who share your interests.
Each year the school office staff prepares a packet that contains handbooks, calendars, emergency cards, schedules, and other important information. This packet is available before Arena Day, which is usually the second Monday in August. We encourage parents/guardians to pick up their packet in advance of Arena Day. This will give you an opportunity to complete paperwork and will shorten your time at Arena Day. Parent/Student Handbook, calendars and bell schedules are also accessible on our website.
The U-Prep Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the mission of the school. Through fundraising, the Foundation has provided funds for special projects or materials, underwritten the cost of the college trips, and contributed to various school wide goals. Past projects include supplying each classroom with Apple TV’s and furnishing the high school media center.
The Foundation meets once a month and welcomes new parents; you may sign up to buy Scrip or help with Foundation’s auction dinner by clicking on their link on the school’s website. Other parent groups are the Athletic Boosters, Music Boosters, the Sober Grad Committee, and the Musical Foundation. Contact our main office (245-2790) for information about how you can become involved. The U-Prep School Board meets monthly; agendas and minutes are posted on the website.